Dear Friends,

Life has a way of swallowing people up and then spitting them out on the ocean of hopelessness and despair.  Perhaps you are one of the growing multitudes who have experienced such.  Wouldn’t it be great to start over and to begin to live a life free from all the hurt, pain and poison of the past?  Such freedom is possible if you will but let God’s promises and provisions unfold in your life.  In Is. 43:18, 19 He tells us, “Forget what happened long ago!  Don’t think about the past.  I am creating something new.  There it is!  Do you see it?  I have put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands.”

We are able to experience a new beginning because of the forgiveness provided through Jesus Christ.  This forgiveness has been made available because Jesus paid the penalty for our sins through His death and resurrection.  To be forgiven means to be set free from the sins of the past to the extent we can receive the new work God wants to do in us today.  It also means letting go of the hurt and pain that others have inflicted on us as let God’s forgiveness flow through us in the lives of the ones who have hurt us.  It is this miracle of forgiveness that allows us to experience a new beginning.

Through the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ it is possible to…

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