God gives each of us gifts right in that place where we feel weakest and most empty. All of our trials, understood rightly, can be used by God to transform us into people of worship and service. I have a friend who called me just yesterday, and his particular trial is physical, emotional, and spiritual. For many years he has struggled with his particular form of mental illness. He’s a very knowledgeable man, used to studying biblical history and theology. But his daily prayer is for God to simply help him cope with the trauma going on in his brain. He gets migraine headaches that cripple him for hours. He has panic attacks and anxieties that I can hardly understand. He has fitful periods of doubt, hurtful, mean-spirited, angry thoughts about God and bitterness toward people that eat at him.

I have stood beside him as he walked through a near suicidal period, followed by a hospitalization and then release after his decision to stop taking his medications. And as I listen and stand with him now, I realize that for my brother in Christ, every day is a testimony to me of the enduring grace of God. I ask him how…

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