My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What does Christmas mean to you? Some would say it is the celebration of the birth of Christ and yet they give more attention to Santa Claus than they do Jesus Christ. Others would say it is the coming of the Prince of Peace but these same individuals remain silent, as a materialistic cult of hateful individuals try to shut down the only remaining overnight shelter in the downtown area.

In Matt.1:21 we see that the real reason we celebrate Christmas is because Jesus was born and He will “save His people from their sins.” The reality of this fact offers hope to those who realize that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Yet even though we were sinners destined to hell, God loved us and came among us. The symbols of Christ’s gift of forgiveness and eternal life are everywhere during the Christmas season. There are Christmas trees, brightly decorated to remind us of the fact Jesus is the light of hope in a dark world. The evergreen Christmas tree itself reflects life even as all the other trees have lost their leaves.

Then there is the candy cane….

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